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No Family Today

Rick called and woke me up and said my sister-in-law pulled a muscle in her back, so they'll have to put off their weekend trip including lunch with me. I went back to sleep and PayPal called. Did I know how much money was in my account? I think she believed me about what was happening and I gave her "Making Light" for the donation page and told her Google would find it quickly.

I went ahead and got up and went to the ATM to get money for the next week, the library to pick up a book I got on InterLibrary Loan, and then on the way back down the same street, stopped for an ice cream cone. While I was sitting and licking, a couple came to sit at another table (this is outdoor seating, they close when it gets too cold for customers) and I noticed her right arm was bent and immobile and her right leg was immobile and she was lifting it with her back as she walked. After I finished, I went over and told her I'd had a stroke, and it looked like she had, too. She talked with some hesitancy and no rhythm, but her face was very mobile. I told her I had a friend in NYC who'd just had the same type of stroke and I wanted to be able to tell him that I'd seen someone outdoors doing stuff and she said "Yes! Tell him to be happy!" Her pupils were tiny, so they've got her on some form of speed to make her brain work better. The man with her was smiling fondly throughout.

Then I headed on down the road to Tony's (this road, Mathis, was the original store road from 80 years ago -- so convenient to do so much there) and had to have someone carry my tray with a slice of focaccia and iced tea. I'd wondered if I could do some simple computer work, but clearly not. I'm much weaker on my left side today and I'm making word mistakes not only in speaking, but in typing, and typing is usually much better.
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