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I Got Antibiotics!

Apparently lots of people are sick right now and I couldn't see my own primary who would believe that I had an ear infection even though it looks fine, so I prepared. I saw a family practice doctor and I showed her the gout tophi on my right hand and then pointed out that it's not red and swollen. So not being red and swollen doesn't mean I don't have something. I think she might have still been a little sceptical until I made the noise I hear in my ear when I bend over. So I have amoxicillin and took one already. The ear doesn't really hurt a lot, it's just this ongoing ache with occasional spurts of pain. I don't normally really think of my ears.

I came home and went back to work on the email. People are being wonderfully generous to Soren! I've taken breaks to eat and do laundry; tomorrow my brother and his family come to take me out to lunch, then they go on to Skyline Drive and down to some apple-picking and back home the next day. I wonder if my nephew will come this time.
Tags: family, health, soren

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