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Mums the Word

The yellow mums that Luke gave me are drinking water like crazy. I put the pot on a dish and when I first poured into the pot, it came directly out the holes at the bottom of the pot and then absorbed from there quickly. I've been putting quarter-cups of water in the dish a few times a day and can watch it be slurped up. The top soil-stuff is no longer feeling like styrofoam. Does this mean I should stop watering so often?

A day at home, and the house provides work: the fountain wasn't running this morning so I checked the power and then pulled the impeller and the poor thing is dead. I would have had to shut down in a few weeks for a freeze, anyway, so I used an old nebulizer hose to drain the basin (don't want mosquitos!) and threw the impeller away. It's lasted years, so it's time for a new one anyway. I'll just buy it toward spring next year.

We're very close to having a Donate button in for Soren "Scraps" deSelby, I'll post separately when Patrick has it up.
Tags: flowers, fountain, soren

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