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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

I took the recycling to the transfer station and picked up a package at the post office and during my driving, I saw two giant home-made yard signs for Obama. I saw lots of Obama and Warner signs on yards. Then I saw the anti-abortionists with their signs in front of the clinic -- they're using little kids to carry signs -- and one of the signs was pushed illegally into the grass between the frontage road and the main road. I would have put in a non-emergency call to the police, but the traffic signals were out up and down Liberia and I figured they had enough problems. And finally, on the way home, a McCain sign in front of a business. They must be sure of their custom.

I approached Liberia (which is named after one of the few houses left from before the Civil War) from the side and when it was obvious that people on Liberia were never going to stop, I turned right, made a u-turn, and then turned right into the transfer station. Normally I just wait for the green and go straight across. When I came out, I turned right onto Liberia and at every signal, I slowed and stopped and then had other cars stop across with me so people could drive across. Technically, the signals become four-way stops in this situation, but that wasn't happening, so I did my best to keep people from getting desperate.

And the interesting part of this is that before I left home, I'd talked to the city's traffic signal manager on the phone. Back last month when I sent in a notice that the school reduced speed light on one road wasn't working, I got back a note from the Public Works manager. This week, when I happened to go out that way at the right time again, it was working, so I emailed and thanked him and said I had some suggestions for traffic markings and could I meet with the person in charge of that. He gave me the name & number and I called today. The traffic signal manager agreed with me on the two problems and said he would put earlier left turn arrows on the ground, but he did think some people just went in the left turn lanes (two places) until they got to the front and then forced their way into the ahead lane to be rude. I said at least we could find out for sure. I assume he didn't call me back while the signals are out, so they must have happened right after.

Spirit had three more pieces off the envelope this morning; she's really getting a lot of fun out of it. After the post office I had lunch at the Great American Buffet where the waitperson kindly asked if I was a senior instead of assuming. I'm glad I've lived this much longer than the doctors thought, but I'm not quite to their senior level yet. I had a giant salad and a brownie.
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