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Pain Meds and Sleep

Lucila came today, so after she arrived, I took codeine and slept in the recliner until 5:30pm when Shiva woke me up for food. (I woke up briefly to pay Lucila and say goodbye.) I feel better and it will be in the 70s tomorrow, so maybe not so bad tonight.

I tried to make my PT appointment on Monday, but was on hold for 10 minutes and gave up. I'd planned to make it today, but they closed before I woke up. So I have it on my list for tomorrow. I may have to re-ask for the order because I see the form says the order was only good for a month and I am a few days out of the month.

Shiva was a silly boy after I got up -- tossing the squeaky bee up and down as he raced back and forth in the hallway. I get the idea he'd like a longer hallway. I went out to fill the birdfeeder and just as I was taking it off the hook, a little bird swooped in, one I haven't seen before, and I told it to wait a bit and it went and sat on the holly bush. As soon as I was back in, it was at the feeder.
Tags: birds, cats, health

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