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Better Deliveries Today!

The UPS guy brought me my giant box with 50 pounds of sunflower chips before I got up and I slid that right into the house from the stoop! Then I headed out to the dumpster with trash, to the bank to deposit a check, and then on to Kaiser for the Liver Panel. I still hadn't heard about the private disability papers, so after being stuck, I went to Health Information (I still want to say Medical Records) and asked if my primary had asked for them back after I saw him 2.5 weeks ago. No, they were still in the wait bin, and they said they'd send them back over.

When I hauled out the trash, a squirrel was sitting on the retaining wall and it kept chittering at me that I was in its place. I told it I lived here and fed it, so clearly it was my place. We argued a bit and then I put stuff in the van and went off.

I usually flip through the advertising coupons in the envelopes -- I've gotten some good deals out of them -- and in the last one, there was a coupon for a pho restaurant! I would have said we didn't have one near anymore, but it's in the shopping center diagonally across from the shopping center Kaiser is in. I didn't take the coupon because it was good for anything but pho and I wanted pho. The place is a little over-the-top in decoration, but the pho was great.

When I got home, the mail had meds, a polyclay face I'd ordered, and a box from Amazon that contained Ha'Penny, Half Crown*, and Roses in the Snow, which is Emmylou Harris' first bluegrass CD. I had the cassette and no longer have a cassette player, so I had this on my wish list. This is actually a reissue, because there weren't CDs when it first came out.

Then I scooted the birdseed out to the porch and put it in the metal container, coming back in and unmaking the box to go to cardboard recycling and putting the bag in the workroom because it can take paper recycling out.

*You know how sometimes you think Le Guin comments on everything without reading? She definitely read Farthing. This is the first blurb on the back of Half Crown:

If le Carre scares you, try Jo Walton. Of course, her brilliant story of a democracy selling itself out to fascism sixty years ago is just a mystery, just a thriller, just a fantasy--of course, we know nothing like that could happen now. Don't we?
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