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For some reason, I've gotten lots more spam today than usual. Maybe they're worried about the economy. And all the mail was destined for the mixed-paper recycling bin, too, but I did scan one piece for you to see:

I see there are weird things with the other animals, but what's wrong with the bear? The back wants me to come to Revelation Seminars at an Adventist church.

It turns out Spirit just wanted cuddling last night. She settled in with Shiva until I got to the recliner and then she moved over to me. I don't think I could get the cats to do this! I slept 10 hours last night and I need to sleep less tonight since I need to take trash out tomorrow and try for the Liver Panel again. When I asked the lab to do it last week, the tech at the computer actually pulled an ALT order, which is only part of the Liver Panel. So off to try again tomorrow.

Hmmm, we just got a tornado warning for Fairfax and Fairfax. I think the NWS left a "City" off one of those. Too far north and east for me.
Tags: cats, health, spam, weather

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