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Marilee J. Layman

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08:56 pm: Lots of Catfood
I went to the Giant today and while they didn't have the Salmon Dinner in the 5.5oz can, just the 3.5oz can, I was able to determine from some matching cans that they have the same stuff in them, so the Salmon Dinner has 12% protein and is fine to buy from Peapod. Peapod kept popping up Are You Sure? buttons after I got up to 35 cans so I was alternating clicking to increase the number (to 75, eventually) and clicking to say Yes, I Am.

Spirit keeps complaining and I don't know why. I've petted her, Shiva's licked her, there's food in their dish, and fresh water in their bowl. I've tossed Mr. Gator, rolled the flashy ball, and kissed her tummy. I hope one of us figures it out.

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