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Marilee J. Layman

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10:15 pm: Minor Adjustments
I wanted to do laundry after feeding the cats, but there was a small puddle of water that looked like it'd come from the washer, but I hadn't done laundry for a few days. I tried to figure out what was happening and when I moved the small plastic free-standing shelves that hold laundry stuff, I heard a little gurgle. Ah, when Lucila was here Tuesday, she moved the shelves and moved the A/C drain pipe away from the floor drain, and stray kitty litter beneath the shelves had been storing the water as long as it could. So I moved the shelves all the way out, cleaned the floor, and then put the shelves back in so they're still over the two outflow pipes from the water heater, but not the one from the air handler, and started laundry.

I had my last tomato on and by the side of my sandwich. Boy, that was good. Then I started the eight-weekly Peapod order and ordered a bit more than I intended (they're now carrying fresh pasta and pasta sauce and since I can get four meals out of each one, it's the same cost as a sandwich) but didn't order all the cat food I'd planned. They don't have the flavor that I get at the Giant (the Giant and Peapod are related), so I bought a can each of the two fish-based flavors so I can check their protein level. If the protein level isn't as high as the flavor I get at the Giant, I'll have to keep carrying cat food every week.

Shiva was nuts for about an hour today. He dashed back and forth down the hall, played with the flashy ball, got a good sniff of the premium catnip in Mr. Gator, and rolled all over the floor. Spirit jumped down near him and he grabbed her and they briefly tried to disembowel each other. Now they're sleeping in the recliner.

And for comic fans, here's a new one, for me, at least. He doesn't draw to schedule, you just have to check.

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Date:September 29th, 2008 04:04 am (UTC)
I really like the comic! Our cats, too, have been rather crazed today.
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Date:September 29th, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
Yeah, Wesley's on Making Light and he just casually mentioned his comic and I've been read them since. It must be the crazy cat day!

And I just realized, as I reread my post, that I don't have to buy those two flavors of cat food -- I can check their protein percentage when I'm at Giant tomorrow and if one is okay, order lots, and if neither are, buy more cat food to carry home. I can edit my Peapod order up to 10pm Wednesday, so I can take those out or add lots more without any problem.
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