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I was wearing regular summer clothes when I took the recycling out to the van today and on my trip back in for the second load, had to put on a sweater. I was still chilly most of the time I was out. We have the edge winds from the hurricane heading up the coast along with rain and it sure dropped the temps!

I spent last night watching taped TV shows, shredding paper, and deconstructing boxes to take with the small cardboard stuff. So that plus newspapers and cans, glass, and plastic all went into the van and to the transfer station. Then I headed to Kaiser for my repeat liver panel. There was a teenager there whose mother had to bend his ear to make him get his blood taken. I think bending ears until they hurt is probably child abuse, but I think they might have needed security guys otherwise.

I was starting to feel cold inside so I stopped at Chili's and had a mushroom swiss burger and then went to get gas. When I picked up mail on the way in, my check was there! They had moved the print/mail process up a day and I'm not arguing. So I went to put it in the credit union and came home and paid bills. And bought a pre-support for Seattle (sorry, Geri, but I'd like to see Seattle again) and size test bra and underpants. I wish measurements worked for me, it would make it easier to buy stuff.
Tags: errands, health, shopping

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