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White Noise

I watched this Thursday and forgot to post about it until someone said something in bookgroup that tripped my memory. That probably indicates how I feel about it.

Michael Keaton plays a husband whose wife is apparently killed in a car accident. He's contacted by a guy who believes in Electronic Voice Phenomena -- where you detune radios and TVs and hear voices and see people -- and at first spurns his lures that he's heard from Keaton's wife. Eventually, Keaton goes to see the guy and starts believing. When the guy is killed himself, Keaton spends all his free time (he moved the dining room table into his computer area to hold more equipment and when his son asks where he's going to eat, answers "your lap" -- good thing the son belongs to the first wife) setting up with computers to enhance the EVP voice and video.

Then his wife starts telling him things that he doesn't understand at first but he comes to realize that she's telling him who to save because they're about to be killed the way she was. He starts trying to rescue folks and to find the people who are doing the killing.

There is literally no plot if you can't suspend disbelief long enough for the EVP, and I'm not good at that kind of suspension of disbelief. FTL, yes; paranormal, no.
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