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Not Dizzy

ETA 11:54pm: my email service is back up - if I don't respond to something sent earlier, please resend.

I woke up partway through the night because my left foot was trying to turn upside down. When sitting on the side of the bed forcing it into place didn't work, I took some more flexeril. While I was sitting again, waiting for the flexeril to work, I yawned and my ear Popped! like with pressure change and I stopped being dizzy. Very odd, I've never been dizzy from lack of pressure change before. And it isn't as if I've actually changed pressure, either.

I slept a little longer because of the flexeril (and will nap after this because I'm sleepy even though I ate) and then went to the grocery. One of the Giant's new logo coupons gave me a dollar off a rotissary chicken and I decided to go for it. My final bill was $44 with $23 of it from OTC meds -- the glucosamine was on buy one, get one free, and I needed more Systane.

Spirit has been repeatedly disembowelling Mr. Gator today, much more than usual, and Shiva has tried to grab her a couple of times. They better come sleep quietly while I nap!
Tags: cats, errands, health
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