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Still Dizzy

When I signed off last night, I realized I hadn't had my rehydration fluid yet, so I made that up and stayed up reading an old WashPost, watching the late news, and being rehydrated until 12:30am. I read until 2am and set the alarm at noon, just in case I slept that long, and I actually slept until 1pm. I called Kaiser to see about getting an urgent appointment with my primary tomorrow because he's more likely to believe me that this is an ear infection instead of a stroke, and once that's ruled out by lots of tests, benign position vertigo. Unfortunately, he's full with appointments tomorrow.

I've had this happen twice before where I was really dizzy like this and one of my ears felt kind of "dead," -- right, this time -- and Kaiser sent me to the ER where after I was there forever, they diagnosed BPV. I did the head movements that's supposed to make it better both times, but the dizziness didn't go away for months, until I had antibiotics for something else. The problem is that my ear won't be red and swollen and I don't have a fever. (I have a half-dozen gout tophi on my right hand and it's not red and swollen, either, which it technically should be. Somewhere along the line of being sick, I stopped getting red and swollen and I have almost no fevers.)

So I emailed him and explained and hope to hear from him about getting a brief examination and antibiotics.

My email project is coming along well. I filled the fountain and the birdfeeder today and am doing laundry. So exciting. LOL

ETA: I had two things to show you guys, and I forgot!

First, Wall-E in cake.

Second, a hotel I'd like to stay in.
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