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This was on Showtime for two season, 35 episodes, and was shown four eps each Thursday on SciFi this summer. The Big Death comes -- some kind of virus has been released (worldwide, they think) that kills anybody who has entered puberty. Just the kids are left to survive. The show starts fifteen years later when Jeremiah (Luke Perry) and Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) meet and fight, and then become buddies. The first episodes show them exploring new towns, walking, finding food, etc. They meet someone from Thunder Mountain and become part of their group -- a team looking for help and to help. As the show goes further along, we find out that there are other enemies, many of them, and one of the funniest bits in the show was when an enemy was identified by the fact that they had underpants! But it does show how they managed. Unfortunately, only the first season is on DVD. The second season has one of those "it could go this way or that way" endings.

I really recommend this -- I enjoyed it and there's some excellent acting. It appears to have all been shot in Vancouver, so it's good that a lot of it is set in Denver.

One interesting thing: When the show said the star, it said Perry; when the Scifi channel said the star, it said Warner. Apparently they thought he was more stfnal.
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