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Marilee J. Layman

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08:10 pm: Quiet Damp Day
It's been raining listlessly all day. This isn't related to Ike and I sure hope folks down there have taken shelter! I slept in a bit today, but not as much, and played with the cats some. New popcorn came, so I can have popcorn tonight! Shiva and I saw a strange cat on the porch, but it left when it saw me looking at it. It looks well-fed and brushed, so it's probably a pet. After the mail came, I took a DVD to the post office, picked up mail on the way in, and spent a good bit of time working on an email project.

In the mail was a letter from Social Security telling me that they had sent me a letter saying they were going to review my SS, but they didn't have to review it now after all. I suppose that's good.

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