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Now that school has started, Lucila is supposed to come at 11am (so she'll be home by the time her son gets home). I got up at 10am and got the cats fed and things she likes to mix up in places she wouldn't and then she called right before 11 and said she had to take her son to the doctor (she was worried his shunt was acting up) and would be back by 1pm. I said okay and got out the duvet and pillow and went to sleep. I let her in about 1pm and then went back to sleep until her opening the sliding glass doors woke me up. It's the last thing she does -- going out to wash the windows and sweep the porch -- and the door is so heavy it makes quite a noise. It was 3:15, so I'd slept a bit long, but not so much to be unhappy.

Then I gathered grocery stuff and went to the library. I tried to order something via ILL Sunday and got email yesterday that my library card had expired and I had to get it reinstated again. You have to do this every two years. So I got mine active again and the email says to call them, which I'll try to do tomorrow, to order the ILL. Then I went on to the grocery store. Giant has a new logo and new arrangements in the store and they gave/mailed out some coupons. I took the reusable bag one with me and got that, since I had enough for three bags today, and asked the bagger to pack them so they had even weight. She packed them so they had even height and I had to repack outside.

But when I got up to the cashier, she and the bagger were talking about how to get tips out of handicapped people. How, if you say you won't take any money, they'll give you more. And I just quietly said "I've always figured helping us disabled folk is part of your job. You've got a union, surely that's covered." And they looked at each other and didn't talk anymore. The irony is that when I got home, I had a reply email from Giant about my praise of Amanda from when I needed a tow truck. Too bad I didn't think to look at the nametags of these two.

I came home and unpacked and was online briefly before I went to a condo board meeting. I didn't read the notice well -- it wasn't at City Hall, but at the management office -- so I was a little late, but I got to talk about having the diverter put back under the downspout, and a similar problem a neighbor is having. I've been here 17 years and the mulch has turned to pseudo-dirt and mounded way too far up. The management person agreed that next year, when the mulch goes down, they should dig up and pull out the dead mulch so there's space betwen the "dirt" and our porches. I'll have to remind her.

I was reading an old Sunday WashPost last night and there was an article in the Magazine where a woman who'd been an English teacher at a college retires and takes a botany class because she doesn't know how water gets to the top of trees (and other obvious things). How does someone graduate high school, much less college, without knowing about capillary action?
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