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Luke Got His Player

I showed him how it worked and we listened for a while, and then twice I took it away and gave it back later in a different orientation and he had learned how to find the top, the button, and to make it louder. He does have trouble remembering that you have to push the button two seconds to turn it on or off (and it makes little up or down sounds when you do that). I logged it into his belongings, so we'll see how that goes. We talked about the storm and more about the presidential campaigns.

I left without calling Twin Lakes to order pork fried rice to pick up in about 15 minutes, but it only takes five minutes to wait. My fortune said: "You are busy but you are happy," which is pretty accurate.

I got email from the recipient of the second livelongnmarry necklace and she said lots of nice things about it, so that was very nice to read. I'm washing sheets and pillows and have run a batch of dishes through the dishwasher and when I finish here, I'll take them out, then put the birdfeeder in. Soaked seed tends to pass on bacteria quickly.

Then I'm going to at least sit in the recliner for a while. I hurt a lot, but I don't think I need a nap.
Tags: food, housekeeping, luke

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