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Asimov's October/November 2008

I actually finished this Thursday night but forgot to bring it out to the desk so I'd remember to review it. This is one of the double issues and I found double the stories to like. The beginning material: Sheila talks about the 2008 Dell Magazines award, Silverberg talks about beaming energy to the Earth, and Jim Kelly talks about Alternate History on the web. The last page material, besides telling about future stories, warns us of the new format for the December issue.

The stories I liked:

1. The Erdmann Nexus by Nancy Kress -- what if the planet gets enough folk over 80 that they make a higher group intellect?

2. Listening for Submarines by Peter Higgins -- A WWII listening post finds something odd out there.

3. Money is No Object by Leslie What -- a hilarious short short about the problem of always having money.

4. Cat in the Rain by Jack Skillingstead -- a reverie on when you can't tell mental illness from aliens.

5. Truth by Robert Reed -- a man comes from the future and is interrogated. How do we know what to believe? (This has an ending I didn't see coming, which is unusual.)
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