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Hannah Slinks By

It wasn't too bad here. Nothing blew away that I can see and although the rain hit the inner corner of the porch, which is unusual, it didn't cause any problems. It was raining and still very windy when I went out to get the papers but it's stopped raining and the wind is much calmer so I opened the windows. I had to go out on the porch and open a route for the downspout water to the drain under the porch again; it was blocked by mulch as usual. Then the mailguy came while I was still wet, so I got the mail.

Shiva was scrabbling at the inside of the sliding glass doors at the inner porch corner so I went to see what he was so excited about and couldn't see anything until I opened the screen door and a male house finch chirped madly at me and flew away. I had to apologize to Shiva for taking away his entertainment, although he always likes it when the windows are open and he can smell the outdoors.

Otherwise I'm just doing laundry. Last night I got the rest of Luke's CDs onto the player and added three jazz CDs of mine and the player's 3/4 full. If he doesn't like mine, I can take them off. I'll see him tomorrow.
Tags: birds, cats, luke, weather

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