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More Ripping

I saw Luke's daughter coming in, so I met her on the stoop and showed her the player and she thinks her dad can use it. She said she got all the CDs out of the changer but she'd look for the others and when she came back down and knocked, she said he had a second changer, plus she'd found another CD, so we're on the third of six now.

Earlier, the new concrete guy came by -- has the license, is insured, will give me a two-year warranty. The cost is equivalent to how much I've paid on the vet bill so far, so I can put it on my credit card without the payment going up. He's three weeks behind and will call a few days ahead to let me know when they'll be here. It's only a one-day process so I'll just be in that day. I asked how they made ramps without the concrete settling and it turns out they use very dry concrete so it doesn't move. Since he left, I've wondered if we can color the edges of the ramp. I know Luke will have the white ramp and the green grass to tell where the edge is, but an additional cue might help. I know you can color concrete; I wonder how much trouble it would be to color the top half-inch on each edge of the ramp.

We're due for Hannah tomorrow -- strong winds, lots of rain -- so I may end up seeing Luke on Sunday.
Tags: cds, concrete, weather

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