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I put more water in the fountain and more birdseed in the feeder today, and then headed down to Wild Bird Center to get more birdseed. They'd sent me two different kinds of coupons in the last couple of weeks and I could use both, so they were cheaper this time. I'll probably bring the seed in tomorrow or Saturday because I have some left from the last batch.

It turns out that converting from .wma to .mp3 takes a while, so I searched out free ripping/converting software and just set it to rip from the CD directly to the player in MP3s. The sound is really nice. I did all the CDs Luke's daughter left me except five. I bet he has a five-CD player up there because those didn't have CDs in the cases. I called her and left a message, explaining that I'd put the empty cases in a second bag inside the bag with the others and put it back on the inside doorknob. I told her that I'd told Luke I'd bring the player on Saturday, and I'd like to do that. I've only got 384M on the player so far, so I might add some David Sanborn at the end.

I got a comment unpublished from Making Light! It was unpleasant speculation, but I was surprised it was removed. Apparently enough people reacted to it in some way that they just pulled all the related comments, too. I said (rot-13) gung znlor gur ernfba Cnyva syrj onpx gb Nynfxn jura fur jnf nyernql ybfvat nzavbgvp syhvq jnf orpnhfr fur jnagrq gb ybfr gur onol. Fur nyernql xarj ur unq Qbja Flaqebar. Feel free to excoriate me in the comments.

And for the record, sesame noodles and cranberry juice don't mix!
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