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Chuck Mangione at the moment. The MP3 player came this morning and Luke's daughter left a bag of his CDs on his inside doorknob, so I got those this morning, too. I'd forgotten that ripping would put them on *my* computer, too, so I may be moving them after each CD. Then the rest of my Office Depot order arrived -- a new box of Uniball micro pens, a batch of poly folders that I use for medical stuff, and 10 of the two-pocket folders that I use for each con. My Minicon stuff from this year is just sitting on the bookshelf. These folders come with big stickers on them -- guess how many folders it took me to realize that it would go much faster if I held the folder with my right hand and the sticker with my left!

Last night I finished the second (and last) livelongnmarry necklace: Blue Moon.

I called and talked to the concrete people who had completely forgotten about me and he told me they were too busy, and said he would turn me over to someone who was licensed and insured and knew what he was doing. Marcos called me a couple hours ago and thought I was Natalie, but we got it straight. He's coming about 2pm on Friday to give me an estimate. I also called and made the primary's appointment for half an hour before the psych appointment on Monday. I'll get there early and hope he's running close to time.

I took the trash and recycling out and then went to see Luke. We talked about whether Palin was a good choice or not and whether we would be voting for Gilmore or Warner for Senate. He's a smart guy, he's just stuck with all this disability. He started nodding out, so I said goodbye. I stopped at another restaurant in that little shopping center next door, Thursday's, and had for appetizer something I should have just had for a meal. "Coachman Fries" are french fries with chili, two kinds of cheese, and jalapeno slices on top. I brought about 2/3 of it home because I'd also ordered a BLT. I think it's been more than a decade since I had a BLT. The food was great and I enjoyed watching the World Series of Poker because they were playing games other than Texas Hold'em. A couple good games of Horse were going on while I was there.

I told the young waiter that it reminded me of my sophomore year at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington when seven of us took Amtrak to New York City once a week for a special math program. The program was not that special for us, but we lured commuters into playing poker with us on the train and we had good lunches up there and went to a movie and dinner when we got home. A lot of the commuters, almost all male, thought for sure I was stupid (girl!) so we would sort of set that up while we were playing and then when they wanted to play, we'd take them.

Well, I have that CD finished, now I have to see about moving it. I think they're not the right type of file and I may have to find something that changes .wma to .mp3 or .wav, even though it says Window Media Player 10 is the minimum and I updated to 11. We'll see.
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