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Interrupted Sleep

I had to take some codeine by bedtime, but I set the alarm for 7:15 so I could call and tell the repair place what was wrong with the van. They'd noticed it out there and were wondering what was up. Then I reset the alarm for 8:15 because I thought the centers opened at 8am. I called Kaiser's Manassas clinic to cancel the psych appointment for today, but I got the recordings. They open at 8:30am -- how was I supposed to know? I'm not usually awake then! So I reset the alarm for 9:15 because I was too lazy to move the minutes and when I called Kaiser Manassas, it turns out you have to call the psych department in Merrifield (where I tried yesterday) to cancel. So I did that and got a new appointment for next Monday in the process. Then I got to sleep until almost 2pm when the repair place called and said it was a cracked power steering hose and it was fixed. I told them I needed an hour or so to shower and dress and they said fine. I meant that, but I went back to sleep.

Then a few minutes before 3pm, the mobile vet called. She agreed with our online friend -- just watch and see if anything else happens. She says he's at the top of the normal range of breathing rates, so that really isn't abnormal and I should just keep watching.

I got up then, took a shower, dressed, took meds, fed the cats, and sat down in the recliner long enough to take my BP. Then I called the repair place and they sent someone right over. I paid for it and then came home. I need to check on the concrete people and remake the primary appointment tomorrow, as well as taking out trash and recycling and visiting Luke.
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