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I went to visit Luke today and asked him if there was any music he liked to listen to. He said jazz, he really likes jazz. I asked what format he had them in, and they're CDs, so I told him I'd see what I could do about getting him some. I googled for easy to use MP3 players, and everybody had the same ones, most of which would be too difficult for a legally-blind, technologically-hampered elderly guy. But there was one that looked perfect: SanDisk Sansa Shaker. It's meant for kids and there's only the two control bands (one is volume, the other skips songs forward or backward, that should be obvious when he uses them) and an on/pause/off switch. I called his daughter and told her what I'd found and said I'd buy it if she'd buy all the AAA batteries (only bad part -- not rechargable, then again, he'd need help with that, too). You shake it to shuffle. She agreed and said she'd bring me down his jazz CDs in the next few days. I actually bought the blue 1G version from Office Depot for $20.95 and it won't be here for about a week. It loads from CDs via Windows Media Player, and I have all that, although I may have to run it all on my 8G thumbdrive because I only have 3G on the computer and a gig empty right now.

As long as I was googling, I looked for the tiny pocket weekly planner I like from At-A-Glance, but they've tarted it up and made it slightly bigger. I couldn't find anything better, though, so I ordered the 2009.

I'd noticed that next to Luke's rehab center is a small shopping center with a restaurant called Taste of Asia. I stopped in and had the tuna special -- six pieces of sushi and six pieces of sashimi. Very good, and my entire day's worth of protein. Next time I might try one of the others.

I'm still behind in the WashPosts -- four weeks and a day -- and in the one I read last night, the police report for Manassas included:

SUDLEY RD.,8700 block, 11:15 a.m. July 3. A man allegedly accessed a hospital computer and dispensed medicine, then self-administered the medicine. A 38-year-old Fairfax man was arrested and charged with prescription fraud, grand theft, identity theft and computer fraud.

Now, that sounds awful -- the hospital's computer can be hacked and the pharmacy doesn't require ID, etc., etc. But I know from concurrent news reports that this was an ER doctor. He already had access to the computer, could order meds, and pick them up for his patients. So while he did a really bad thing, it's not the hospital's security that's at fault. It's their hiring.
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