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Cool and Gray

So the windows are open now. I figured my check probably came yesterday, but the mail didn't come until after 7pm, which is when my credit union closes, so I went out today and got yesterday's mail, deposited the check, and dropped off a DVD in the drive-by box at the post office. The private disability company wants me to move to direct deposit (which I wouldn't, anyway, since that means they can take things from your account) which will arrive on the 2nd of every month. I usually get the check on the 28th of the month before, so I'd be nuts to do that.

I needed to refill the fountain and birdfeeder again and when I went into the guest bathroom to get the bucket and fill it in the tub, there was a cricket in the tub, trying desperately to jump high enough to get out. I caught it carefully and took it outdoors and then got the water. There were three squirrels on the porch chasing each other away from the feeder, so I dumped the small amount that was in there onto the porch and completely refilled the feeder. That took care of two of them, but one was still chased off.

This morning I got a call from Kaiser Health Information -- the primary wants to see me before he fills out the forms (reasonable, since I saw him in November, although we have taken care of some things by email since) -- and I made an appointment for Wednesday. I see the psych on Tuesday, so it will be a doctor week.
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