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More Arthritis

When I sat in the recliner last night to bead, Spirit left the top of the recliner and went to the heating pad in the kitchen. She came back when I read the paper. I don't think it will take too long for her to sit while I bead again, but she clearly equates the terror with the beads.

I saw the rheumatologist today -- one of the tophi is getting bigger, although not a lot; the lipoma that bulged up is down and more dense now, but still hurts; and the *pop* my right knee is making when I move the knee is more arthritis (and a few times a day, it hurts like crazy when it pops). I wore a skirt so she could look at the knee without me getting undressed and I managed not to tear it or fall, but I had to carry kind of a bag with my wallet, phone, and keys in it. She reinstated the standing orders (and I got email from the nephrologist's nurse who also put her doctor's standing orders in so I can do those this week), she ordered knee x-rays (too late to do them there, I'll do them at Manassas when I get stuck), knee exercises, and PT.

I asked about a wheelchair and she said again that she worries that people lose muscle tone by using it. I reminded her that I'm just not going places I'd use it, so it wouldn't make any difference that way. It'd be silly to use it at the house or the library or the grocery, but I'd like to go to the fairs in Old Town (five blocks and a thousand miles away), the county and state fairs, museums and galleries, etc. She did seem less stern when I mentioned a scooter, which would work for me, too.

I was in rush hour traffic so I stopped at Carrabbas again. Usually I have a house salad and a margherita pizza, but I was too tempted by the zucchini fries and had those instead of the salad. They were cut like french fries, covered in a light herbed batter, and deep fried. And there was aioli for a dip. mmmmm And of course, the margherita pizza is always great. I had a relatively quick drive home and am washing cat blankies tonight. The VCR is watching The Closer.
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