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I Visited Luke

He's in the Gainesville Rehab because there wasn't room in the Manassas one, but it's only about 15 minutes away. I was startled by how confused he was. I said "Happy Birthday" and he told me happy birthday. He kept trying to take things apart in his hands -- the nurse call button, his clothes, etc. -- and he clearly didn't know who I was. I went out to talk to the RN in charge of the whole place and while I didn't expect her to tell me specifics, she said he had been confused most of the day, coming alert when PT had him up to walk. I went back and he wanted to watch TV and I asked him what he wanted to watch and he said news, so I clicked until I got to C-Span showing Biden's VP candidate acceptance speech. I asked "Do you think you'll be up for voting in November?" and all of a sudden, his voice was clear, his eye twinkly (one is prosthetic), and he said "I sure hope so!" And we talked for about a minute about how awful it is to get so confused and then he slipped back into it and started undressing. I decided I wasn't helping and came home.

ETA: The nurse had also mentioned he kept putting the call button in his mouth and I just realized probably why: he smokes here. I called and told them, not that they should let him go out and smoke, but if they know why, they may be able to handle it better.
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