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Accidental Verse

I started a comment in a blog, realized that not only did it rhyme, but it was in iambic tetrameter, so I did the whole post that way.

I headed out earlier to the concrete place and talked to the estimator. I drew him a little diagram and gave him my ideas of size (we'll see how well I do by eye) and he said he'd send his assistant out and call first so I know he's coming. He also told me his assistant is in his 70s, as if it mattered, so I guess it does to some people.

I went on to the Giant -- I bought three of the Bertolli frozen meals which were on sale for a dollar off, and three should have gotten me $5 off my order, but when I checked the slip Monday night, it hadn't. So I stopped by today and the woman at the info desk knew exactly what happened. The computer was only set to recognize one number: 20.01 and I had paid $20.97 for the three. So she gave me $5.13 back. I went on to the new PetSmart which has !!one!! handicapped parking spot in front of it. It's laid out like the other one except it doesn't have kitties for adoption and it's all dog stuff on the left side instead of mostly dog stuff and then horse stuff in the back. I got snackies and came on home to do some laundry.
Tags: errands

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