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Lucy's Loss, Staring Down Drivers, Luke, Funny Pictures

Lucy Kemnitzer's husband Ted died yesterday. I felt so broken -- I love Lucy and I didn't expect Ted to die at age 55.

Apparently it's driver aggression day here -- I had to stare down drivers twice at four-way-stops because they wanted to take my turn, and then I had to stare down one who was going to run over me at a crosswalk. I went to the concrete place, but the estimator leaves at 3:30pm. I'll have to get up earlier tomorrow. Then I went to Glory Days and had pork BBQ sliders and redskin potatoes.

I found out today that Luke was transferred to the main hospital in the county north on Monday to get a pacemaker. He'll be there for a while and I'll go visit on Friday. I haven't been back to Fairfax Hospital since I left there in 1987 after nine months in. It's probably changed a lot.

I've found a number of funny/interesting pictures so far today:

This Two Lumps comic -- obligate carnivores indeed!

This cat with four ears. The back ones are the regular ears and his face is so wide under the front ones. It makes you wonder if he's got some genes from one of the big cats.

And an Ankh Morpork group at the knitting forum Ravelry made a Pratchgan.
Tags: errands, pictures, sorrow

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