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I Hate Windows

It insisted on doing an update which took 1.5 hours and then it took me 45 minutes to take the crap software back out. I've got a gig free now. It makes me think I should just go ahead and buy an ASUS Eee in Linux and not wait until I have the money saved, but I'll probably wait.

I mailed some jewelry and an evening bag to a friend in California who's putting up a display and then did grocery shopping. I asked again about the two cases of cat food and the guy who does that wasn't in and the cases weren't in the space for them in the back. The clerk surmised that when the guy was on vacation, the cases arrived and they got put out on the shelves. So she took my name and number and the type again and said she'd work on it and call me.

I'm washing cat blankies tonight (the dryer just beeped) and the cats are agitating for something, but I haven't figured out what yet. Oh, hmmm, Spirit has started eating. Maybe she missed that I put food in their dish.
Tags: cats, errands, windows

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