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Long Gimpy Sleep and Pictures from Union Station

I went to sleep in the recliner a few minutes after 6pm and woke up a few minutes after 11pm coughing my head off (which is unusual since I'd had codeine). I hadn't had enough fluids yesterday -- about 24oz -- so I got up and had the rehydration fluid and read the Tuesday newspaper and watched the last half-hour of the Olympics which ran over when the news was supposed to be. The news finished at 2am and I was nodding off so I took night meds and went directly to bed. I didn't set the alarm and I woke up at 3pm.

When I went out to get the newspapers and throw Luke's inside (he has a place there for newspapers), I found his cleaning lady's card and a note that she'd been there and he hadn't on the door, so I called her and explained. I've been doing laundry and will do more -- I'd planned to do it Wednesday and acquired two more outfits and more hankies in the meantime -- and may take a break at 9pm to watch Monk. I'm still gimpy, but I had some acetaminophen and I'm getting better as I move more. I'll probably still need a nap tonight, though, and tomorrow I can't sleep in because there's bookgroup.

Manny doesn't want pictures online, so she took the pictures of Jo and Janet and me. I'd planned to just put one up (me, Janet, Jo -- from left) but one of the pictures was snapped when Jo said something and we looked at her and I thought it was interesting.
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