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A Quick Note

I've already taken the codeine so I'm going to post here and the bead board and then sleep in the recliner with the heat and vibration on.

Luke broke three ribs and his clavical on his right. He had closer to a dozen places with skin scraped off, and he's coming up in bruises everywhere. They're going to keep him at least until tomorrow. I called his daughter this morning to find out what the doctors had found and we discussed his remembering that he'd been in the recliner. We'd both realized that there had been fewer than three minutes between the time she left him and I came in and heard him fall. So we're not sure he was in his recliner. We're not sure what happened at all.

Janet came early to Union Station and we sat and talked and then Manny came and we talked some more. Jo had to take a later train, so we were hungry by the time she got there and we talked and ate and then Jo and Janet went for a walk out toward the mall (it was getting late) and Manny and I went home. Jo brought her Prometheus Award to show us, noting that it would ruin the award to take the gold off, which is worth a bit less than $1K at this point. I noted that the engraved part was put on crooked. I took four old WashPosts, including a Sunday, and came home only with the Tuesday, so that's not bad. By halfway through the trip home, my kidney biopsy muscles were in massive pain and I had a lot of trouble walking. So this is probably it for today.
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