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One Calm Kitty, One Scared Kitty

Lucila is here and Spirit stayed up on top of the recliner's back, no problem, but poor Shiva dashed for the castle. I haven't seen the brain-damaged bird since the last time, but we had three new house sparrow fledglings today. It's another day in the 80s, with low humidity, and Code Green air.

Well, I took a break while Lucila cleaned over here and saw the brain-damaged bird in the porch corner behind the fountain and watched it fall over. I took a paper towel out to get it because I wasn't sure how Lucila would react if she saw it, and wrapped it up and put it deep in the trash she's taking out when she's done. Poor baby starved. I should have tried harder to kill it.

James posted recently about a propane depot explosion in Toronto, and today at the western end of the county my city is in, we had an explosion in a concrete factory. One person dead; nothing else known yet.
Tags: birds, cats, explosion

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