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Between Friday and very early today (I remembered to take my appointment book to bed with me since I left a message at nephrology on Friday), I got appointments with the nephrologist, psych, and rhematologist in the next four weeks. The rheumatologist and psych are early -- the rheumatologist because I have some large bumps coming up from under the skin on my right forearm and while they're probably lipomas, they don't usually grow like this. You can see them when you look at my arm. The psych because I want him to make the neurologist take "dissociative episodes" off my chart. Once something is on your chart, it's there forever. I'm convinced that's why it took nine months for the second renal failure to be diagnosed. The then-nephrologist put "psychogenic" on my chart in month two, and no other doctor would even discuss anything else.

On Thursday, I'm meeting Jo and some other local folks at Union Station. Commuter rail doesn't have a mid-day train anymore, so there's a good chance that instead of meeting them for lunch, I'll meet them for meeting her and have a brief catchup, then let them go on for the day.

I see that the livelongnmarry campaign raised over $50K for gay rights! Wonderful!

Today I got money for the week, took the birdseed box to cardboard recycling at Public Works, dropped DVDs at the post office, and bought groceries. I haven't been eating as many frozen dinners, but they had a sale on for five Marie Callender dinners for $11, which is a really good deal, so I bought those as well as the deli meat (roast beef) for the week's sandwiches. Cheese chunks last for two weeks as does whole wheat bread, it's just the meat I have to get every week. I got other things, too, but cat food and milk don't seem as exciting.

Being more careful about eating out is definitely saving money. I usually alternate getting $100 and $150, with the $150 for the week Lucila is here and the extra $50 for her fee, but two weeks ago and this week, I still had $50 in my wallet from the earlier weeks, so I just got $100. That's a lot of money to save.
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