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Rain and Coolth and Discworld

Well, relatively coolth -- 72F here in Manassas with a severe thunderstorm watch for another 13 minutes, but I'm going to open the windows when I finish here anyway.

I got offline so early last night that I read an old WashPost and then couldn't resist a nap. I slept from 9:30pm to 12:30am and ended up late finishing a movie while beading and reading another old WashPost. I realized as I was going to bed that I'd only had about 400 calories so far (steel-cut oatmeal with a handful of walnut pieces and two handfuls of blueberries, plus the required cranberry juice and later the required rehydration fluid) so I cooked a Celeste pizza for one (four cheese) while I read a bit more and then ate it with Shiva insisting part of it was his. He'd already had plenty of calories; I was up to 756 for the day and that would have to do.

Today I'm washing sheets and watching birds. We had about 22 birds on the porch and they all left at once, then Shiva started yelling and scrabbling at the sliding glass door. I went over to look and the brain-damaged house finch fledgling was still there, immediately on the other side of the door, no fear, and picking up seed then putting it down and picking up more, putting it down, etc. Apparently it doesn't quite have swallowing down unless the other birds are there. I think it still doesn't have much chance of living, but more than I thought before, so I'm keeping my hands off.

A couple of Discworld items:

Some Discworld fans are trying to win the N-Prize to give the money to Alzheimer's Research. They call themselves the Potent Voyager Team and would like help.

The Register thinks that Mars would be perfect for Pratchett's dragons.
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