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Code Green!

Hard to believe we'd have Code Green (completely safe air) in summer! But we also have the nice breeze and temp in the 80s. I have an advantage in that my condo is protected on six sides and has had air conditioning on all night, so when I open the windows in the afternoon, I get the breeze and a bit of heat, but not like outside.

I did go outside, though -- filled the fountain and the birdfeeder and sat in the chair using the reacher to pull weeds. Most of them just have a tap root and come up easily, but not all. I took a couple of whacks at the ivy, but the stuff I can reach with the reacher is too heavy to pull off with it.

I just ran the dishwasher which contained :::gasp::: the cats' food dish, and Shiva sat beside me the entire time it was running and when it turned off, he set off for the kitchen. I followed him and got it out and dried it off and just fed them. The rest of the dishes will be allowed to air dry.
Tags: birdfeeder, cats, fountain, pollution

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