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Saturn's Children by Charles Stross

He says this is a Heinlein pastiche and it is, but there's lots of references to other books and movies as well as quips and wordplay.

Freya is an obsolete humaniform sex robot. Not only have the Creators she was made to serve died out, but robot body fashion has moved to "chibi-form" -- small, stout, and big big eyes. She comes from a long incestuous lineage of female humaniform sex robots and ends up working for another long lineage of male humaniform butler robots. The deals and conspiracies become more and more confusing, and Freya has to work out what's happening to survive.

I thought this was a great book -- a lot of fun to read (except one specific area of robot rape where I cringed) and a great story. Those who read SF and are familar with fandom will find even more rewards. Highly recommended.
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