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The Mammogram

It went well, the tech didn't hurt me, and I was able to stand in the positions needed without having someone else keep me from falling. I'm not at nearly as much risk as I used to be, either. You may have seen that the breast cancer that occurs under the age of 40 activates different genes than breast cancer at age 40 and up. My mother got hers at 33 and my cousin (mother's sister's daughter) was 16 when she got hers, and I'm 53, so I'm not at risk by relative. I still take HRT which increases the risk for my age a bit, and I'm not going to stop monthly self-exams.

I'm doing laundry and watching birds on the porch while the cats sleep in the recliner. We had another almost-disaster last night, but this time I got to see it from the recliner where I can see a bit into the utility room instead of from the desk where the utility room door is out of sight, I can just see the hall. Shiva wasn't trying to keep Spirit from the litterbox, he wanted to catch her and dash, and the utility room looked like a good place. I didn't want to put him in a room (besides the possible harm to me) because Spirit would be afraid then, too. So I shut my bedroom door and sure enough, he spent longer trying to get in than Spirit spent gratefully using the litterbox.
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