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Hard Day, Time For a Nap

The new seed arrived about 10am -- the Fedex Ground driver's individual knock woke me up. I went back to sleep because nobody is going to take a 50-pound box of sunflower seeds from my stoop. Actually, nobody ever takes boxes from stoops here. At 10:30am, the phone rang. I was turned the other way and in my wild grasping at it in the bookcase headboard, I knocked the clock on the floor. It was a scam call! And the clock must have hit the battery release because the panel and batteries were also on the floor. By the time I got it set back up (it'll take a day or so for the atomic signal to adjust it properly), I decided I'd just get up.

So after feeding the cats, I brought the box in and out of the way of the excessive recycling and trash I had to take out -- two trips with the rolling crate. The trash, newspapers, and plastic/glass/aluminuminuminum were normal, but I'd shredded and had a box full of that, plus a box full of thin cardboard stuffed with regular disassembled boxes. I went up to our trash area and left the trash, mixed recycling, and newspapers and then on to the transfer station where I left all the mixed paper and cardboard stuff. When I pulled into the parking lot for the dumpsters there, I scared what turns out to be an immature grey heron. It flew across the little pond there and then left its wings half-out, maybe to scare me.

I had a coupon for $5 for a list of sandwiches at Applebee's, so I decided to try them again. I had the bacon cheeseburger which came with fries, and iced tea. The burger was fine and the fries okay. The waitress needed to learn how to moderate her voice -- she kept making customers lean back when they first heard her.

Then home and online until I got a bit cooler, and then I walked the sunflower seed box out to the porch and got most of the seed into the metal seed container. I spilled about a quarter-cup, which is not bad. Then back in again until the mail came and I got mine and Luke's. While I was out, I noticed we had two city police officers walking around. This is private property -- they shouldn't be here unless they were called. I worried briefly about not putting on my seat belt to drive the half-block to the clusterboxes and parking next to the yellow line there, but it *is* private property. I brought our mail back and Luke just got junk mail. I got Vol. 7 of Girl Genius and my winged trilobite pin, plus meds and a DVD. And junk mail, of course.

So now I'm going to take a nap because I'm really sleepy (only five hours last night) and I hurt from all the lifting and walking and such. I need to get up at 11:30am tomorrow because I have a mammogram at the other end of the county at 2pm. I can put the giant box the seeds came in (already disassembled) in the back of the van and drop it off at the transfer station on the way home. The giant seed bag will do for trash for next week.
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