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Late Night, Late Day

I napped until 10:30pm and felt better, but didn't turn out the light until 7am and although I set the alarm for 1pm, I actually got up at 3pm. Most of what I've done today has involved outdoors. It was supposed to be maybe as high as 100F, but clouds came in and it was a nice 86F. I saw the fountain had a bare ripple in it when I opened the shades, so I tried cleaning the impeller's screen while it was in place, which didn't work. I had to bring it in, open it up, clean it, test it, and put it back in outside. The annoying part of this is having to dry my hands so often.

The new bird yesterday turns out to be a male house sparrow and today it turned up again with its own two little fluffs and fed them. I also had a mourning dove fledgling, two cardinal fledglings, and a crow fledgling. Must be fledgling time!

The fledgling I thought was dead showed up today and I got very close, but it flew when my hand was about two inches from it. It's missing the left eye, but it is eating a bit, when others are near and eat also.
Tags: birds, fountain

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