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I had a little brain-damaged house finch fledgling a few days ago -- it had a strange ridge at the back of the neck, wouldn't eat or drink (and the adults weren't feeding it), and didn't find anything scary, not even being eye-to-eye with a squirrel. These usually get eaten by a predator or starve unless I can get close enough to wring their necks, which is less pain, but I haven't seen it for 2.5 days so I think it's already dead.

Today I had a little bird at the feeder that looked a lot like a house finch, but it had a black bib and black face and top of head. I'll have to look it up.

And then this morning, we had an adult mourning dove that had what looked like polyfill (or, I suppose, some kind of insulation) attached to its right foot. I saw it before I went to sleep at 6:30 and the polyfill was gone, but it was still limping on the right, putting a wing out every now and then for balance.
Tags: birds

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