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Take Me To The River

That's what I'm listening to now, Eva Cassidy's version, but I'd sure like to stand in a river again.

We had another thunderstorm this morning and I'm going to bring the feeder in and wash it when the dishes I just ran through the dishwasher dry off a bit more. The cats are asleep, another quiet day. My new reading glasses for bed (complete memory titanium frame) came today!

I called my brother a couple days ago about Dad's will. I got the letter because apparently "heir" is a relative term, not an indication of getting anything. Rick looked at the will right away and Sue gets it all. So I need to figure out a way to save more money. I do get to see Jo this month so I don't need to go to Boskone next year. I'm still planning on Minicon; everybody should get a few days holiday. But I think Tony's on Saturdays will have to go and I'll have to not only be much more careful about eating out, but about what I buy to eat in. I wish I could still cook.
Tags: birdfeeder, money, music

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