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Asimov's September 2008

The front stuff: Sheila talks about the reader's awards, and then Silverberg talks about how it's the 30th anniversary of his column (repeating part of an earlier column), and says that he came back to SF because "I could no longer bear to be invisible, after so many years at the center of things." I've never thought of him as at the center of things. I think this is one of the peaks of his self-delusion.

I thought there were two good stories this time:

1. Cut Loose the Bonds of Flesh and Bone by Ian Creasey -- Susanna's dying mother has decided to be transferred to computer and has arranged to come live with Susanna. She's nagged Susanna every instant of her life, should she do so dead as well?

2. Midnight Blue by Will McIntosh -- rich people have acquired all the spheres that provide superpowers. What happens when a poor boy finds the rarest sphere of all?

Stephen Baxter did an alt-hist and what is it about these that they have to have famous people in them?

Another story. Usurpers by Derek Zumsteg. Writing choppy. Hard to read. Eight Deadly Words.
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