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News and Bruises

A lot of news today. Bruce Ivins, who developed the anthrax vaccine, turns out to be a suspect in the anthrax poisoning and as he was about to be indicted, he killed himself. He apparently sent the poisoned letters so he could prove his vaccine was valid. Killing five people, driving Steven Hatfill nuts.

A turtle led police to a marijuana planting in Rock Creek Park. Turtle #72 is part of a research project in the Park and three of the turtles have transmitters on them so the reseachers can follow their movement. One of the researchers decided to find #72 after some days and came upon a pot planting.

New rules say that TSA may take any laptop, even those of US citizens when they cross the border and take them to another place for a while without any suspicion of wrongdoing.

A private beach gets new rocks to stop erosion and what turns up? Explosives. The company who delivered the rocks and explosives isn't talking.

As to bruises, last night I heard a thungk! from under the desk chair. Then there was another one, and a long spring landed across the room. I'm pretty sure it lost the two loops it was attached by at one end because the other end (and the other spring's ends) have coils tilted up. I moved the chair into the living room and sat on the couch to turn it over on its side. I found where the spring goes and tilted two coils up with pliers and then tied thick yarn just below the tilted coils. I dropped the coil through a long narrow tunnel and anchored it at the bottom, then pulled the yarn up, gripping it with pliers, to get the spring pulled out and attached to the top. Then I cut the yarn off. At one point, I lost the grip of the pliers and I was too close and the pliers hit me just under my nose. I have a lovely bruise there, plus others from turning the chair down and then back up when I was done.

Today I put a returned package (a winter top that looked lavender in the catalog and was called Viola, but was actually very grey) in one of those UPS drops, got money for next week since the drop is in the parking lot of the credit union, and went to the post office to mail the first necklace and a DVD.
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