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More Running Around, First LiveLongNMarry Necklace

ETA: I just got up and I don't want to stay up all night, so I'm checking email and then I'll shut the computer down. I'll catchup on LJ and ML tomorrow, when I don't have to go out.

I didn't take the recycling out today because I didn't have enough to go. I've been so busy the last week that I'm almost back to three weeks behind on the WashPost, so there's not enough finished newspapers to go. I haven't had enough junk mail to fill the mixed paper recycling box, and the container for aluminuminuminuminum, glass, and plastic is only half full. This is kind of unusual.

I took the box of beads to the post office and sent it off and then went to Kaiser to Health Information (I usually forget and call them Medical Records) and filled out *their* form and left them the papers for my primary to fill out, plus a printout of my diagnoses and meds so he can cut&paste if he wants.

Then I went to the Thai place and had green curry with pork. It was very good, and during the beginning of my time there, a young couple with two young girls were just finishing up. The younger had a field of rice on the floor around her high chair and the older was fascinated with the parasol they'd put in her drink. She showed it to me and I told her I had an entire mobile of bigger parasols over my bed. She said, big-eyed, "Really?" and I told her my brother sent it to me from China. I've eaten out three days in a row and spent $13 extra dollars, so I will have to be more careful. I stopped for gas ($3.90/gal) on the way home.

I finished the necklace for the winner of my livelongnmarry custom beadwoven necklace offer:

I wish I'd thought of making this for myself!

I have a few small things to do before I start the runner-up's piece (I said I'd make one for her if she met the bid).

Now, though, I'm yawning like crazy and I'm going to take a nap.
Tags: beading, errands, food

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