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A Day of Pain

Last night, I got up from the recliner and could barely stand up straight. It's lower-back pain, not my usual kidney-biopsy level pain, and it felt better after some time in the recliner and then bed. But I started feeling pain again when I got to the grocery store and it continued even while I sat in the recliner to watch The Closer. I don't have to go out during the day tomorrow, just at night, so I'll have a bit of codeine and small amount of extra flexeril tonight and see what happens.

I went to the credit union to deposit my check and had lunch at Roy Rogers. Every now and then a hamburger and fries is really good, although I got the Double R-Bar Burger which is a hamburger with ham on top (and then I put some BBQ sauce and some horseradish sauce on top of that) so not quite a plain burger. Then I dropped the DVD in the drive-by box at the post office and went on to the grocery. I had a really short list today, but my right shoe came untied so I angled toward the pharmacy to sit down and there was a teenage girl with probably her little sister, plus a cake and diapers all taking up the bench. I told her I needed to sit to tie my shoe and she scooped up the little one and slid things over, giving me room to sit down. I retied the left one, too, on general principles, and then thanked her and left. She never said anything.

I went on to the new info desk and showed the person there one of the cans of cat food. They're priced 3/$1.00, so it's best to get them in groups of three. I've been buying nine a week for a few weeks and now have a week's worth extra, so I got six today. The thing is, they're really heavy to carry, so I asked the desk person if I could buy cases of them. She said yes, had me fill out a form, and said the guy who handles that would let me know when he had them ready. That way I can deal with probably a month's worth (she didn't know how many in a case) all at once, on a day I don't walk too much or carry too much otherwise.

Then home and lots of email and BFAC things, plus beading while I watched The Closer. I'll probably finish the first of the offers for livelongnmarry tomorrow night and I'll show you guys a picture.
Tags: beading, errands, health

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