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Too Many Cars

From having six or seven open spots in our area of the development at night, we now not only have none, we have a neighbor using her dead husband's handicapped tag to park in the unused handicapped spot next to mine to make another space. There's a big work van with a rack on top that hasn't moved in five days, two cars with Maryland plates, and two minivans I don't recognize, plus several smaller cars. I haven't seen anybody move in, and I know one family moved out (broke their lease), so I don't know where these cars come from. I may call Parking Enforcement on Monday and see if the work van belongs here. It's not supposed to be parked in the development, anyway.

I went and got money for next week and had a chicken roll (chicken and veggies in a crust, kind of the less-soupy version of a pot pie) at Tony's. I have a friend at Comic Con and because she's got a press pass, she's getting lots of swag. She also saw an old friend of ours who gave her lots of cuttings for her new house. I hope they make it back to Arizona!

The cats are sleeping together in the chair, and for the first time in a while, Shiva didn't get up when I went to get the dry food. He looked at me, so I guess he's just comfortable.
Tags: cats, condo, food, friends

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