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A Day of Links and Petitions

I've had a quiet day: working on BFAC letterhead (expecting to change it drastically), signing a petition to try and get San Francisco to raise the rails on the Golden Gate Bridge to prevent suicides, and making a clickable button for HOPES.

So many of the folks from San Francisco don't want their bridge to change and they say that people who try to kill themselves would just go do it elsewhere. That's not true, as these stories by the NYT and WashPost show. Most people who have an impulse to commit suicide, if stopped, go on to live long lives. It will change the way the bridge looks, but it will keep impulse jumpers from killing themselves.

HOPES is a new group founded by a 13-year-old to raise money to save endangered animals. She's looking into making it truly non-profit, which would make donations tax-deductible and so forth. In the meantime, they have an auction up for a really spectacular 100-year-old buffalo skull.

And on a less-serious note, when I was out yesterday I saw a Honda Element with this license: A TWUCK.
Tags: charity, petitions, suicide

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