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Marilee J. Layman

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08:04 pm: Satellite Fallen on the Roof!
I took the trash and recycling out today then went to Kaiser to get a phenobarb level drawn. The lab was busy and I ended up sitting next to the security guard. We were talking about how bad the storm was last night and he said the satellite had fallen on the roof. I thought a second and realized he meant the receiver, since surely I would have heard about whatever was left of a satellite landing on the roof. Plus, a storm won't budge a satellite. The TVs were out -- they usually show a cooking channel -- and apparently everybody was asking why.

I went on to Chili's for lunch and had iced tea and the Southwest Cobb Salad. They've changed it a bit since I had it last. Half the chicken, which is fine with me, no avocadoes, and instead of diced tomatoes, canned tomatoes & jalapenos. It was still good.

Spirit and Shiva have been nice together again, so maybe that was a one-time spat.

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