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Screw Stripped

(yeah, yeah)

The neurologist's assistant (I hope it was the assistant, she couldn't say phenobarbital) called and told me that I'm to have another phenobarb level and if it's in the effective range, I may have to have a different med. I'll get the level tomorrow after I take trash and recycling out (a day late -- I didn't remember until I was in my robe and I didn't feel like going out to the van to get the rolling crate then).

I headed off to Vision Services and it turned out that the reason I couldn't put the screw back in was because it was stripped. So I've got a new one in (silver instead of red top, but not where you can notice, and I wear these at home anyway) and last night I ordered another set of reading glasses to use in bed -- the entire frame is memory titanium, so bending shouldn't hurt.

I stopped at Carrabbas on the way home and had their garden salad and then half of the margherita pizza. I just had the other half and I'll have the rest of the bread later. The traffic wasn't as bad the way I came from the restaurant, so I got home about 5:00. I turned on the TV for the news and at about 5:15, the picture went out. It was the cable, so I called Comcast who mechanically told me nothing was wrong, but let me push a button to talk to a human. The human had just received word of an outage in our area (still out), but fortunately, I was going to watch tapes tonight anyway.

Spirit and Shiva seemed to be fine last night and also today. I'm not sure what the litterbox business was, but maybe it's not permanent.
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